And to you, Ma

Dear ma,

The fact that I had to search for so long to get one pic of us together made me realize how distant I have grown from you.

I know we didn’t always share best of mother daughter relationship and I never tried to paint a picture perfect story either cause I never thought I could do anything about it.

I always felt let down cause you expected so much from me. But as I get a year older now, I realize that it was never for your selfish reason. Never! How stupid was I to think that right?

You saw so much more in me than anyone else.. which is why when I never put effort, it made you so unhappy. The bar that you set for me was always a step above of what I thought I could achieve and I thought you were being unfair. How could I miss out that all you ever wanted was to see that twinkle that I lost somewhere while trying to be all grown up in front of you and people around me. You believed in things that I still haven’t discovered about myself… yet. I realize that as I am writing this mamma.

I get it, how you made those sacrifices when no one stopped for a second and thanked you for all the things you have done. Right from making sure I don’t go hungry by packing extra rotis (read double) on my long journey to hostel to coming home at 2 AM and finding chaat kept ready to eat on dining table and yet making me hit the gym to wear good clothes (when I was overweight already)! I don’t know how you did it and how I overlooked all of it.

You always put us before your career, health and time. I see now how you never took a vacation or even a day off. It must have been so hard for you to be with tanturm throwing child like me and yet you continued to do so without complaining. Even now, when I am married, you try to pass out those little messages through Avneesh. I don’t know from where you get the strength to keep going… I can only wish to have half of it!

I promise mamma, I will try and get to how much ever I can in all the things that you have aspired for me. I have never expressed how much I love and care about you. This probably would be the first step to show you that. I know I will never catch with the amount of time I lost out already with you but it always is better late than never right.

I hope you forgive me for all the stupids things that have done and continue to be who are… Simple, generous, loving and a very down to earth person.

Happy Mother’s day mamma.


Your khit- khit daughter.


P.S: This isn’t just a post but an effort from my end to express how I feel about my mom and how most of us take our moms for granted. I know many who express their love to their Bfs, BFFs but never to their parents. If you are one of them, stop it. You are missing out something more valuable than all relations put together in this world. If even one person connects to this, my purpose of this post is achieved.

P.P.S: I Hope it didn’t make you sad. Sorry if it day.


Until next time,

Bubbles and Kisses



Summer Shirt Dress

Hi Guys,

Hope all is well! It is getting hotter by the day here and  comfortable dressing is the answer for me to deal with it! What better outfit than Shirt dress which can be both comfortable and chic at the same time!

It is one of the most in-trend outfit and can be styled in so many different ways. But having said that there are different types available and you might not be sure which one to pick or what shoes goes with it etc. Here I try to make it little easier for you to pick and try one if you haven’t already!

So let’s get into three major factors to consider while buying one.


Firstly, make sure it is loose but not baggy. If you feel it is a little too loose or shapeless, belt it up with an interesting design! It will add more detail to your outfit.


Shirt dress can come in various lengths.

I styled this  almost knee length shirt dress with a white slip on from perfect for a casual outing. You could chose to wear heels with this length shirt dress to step up your glam.

For a mini shirt dress however, add a statement choker & sky high heels!

If you want to embrace your inner romantic, pick a full length flowy shirt dress. Let your hair down and put on some thin strap heels and you are good to go!

Print or no print

A plain shirt dress is smart and can be accessorized easily. Based on your mood or personality throw in a statement necklace or a good pair shoes to give you a casual look or a pair of metallic shoes to make you dazzle all the more!

Print or pattern adds a bit of oomph to the outfit. You can add in layers or accessories from same color palette to dress it up even more!


Hope this post helped you guys. Let me know how you liked it or styled your shirt dress!


Until next time,

Bubbles and Kisses



Go Goa Gone

Hey there!

Hope you guys enjoyed my previous post.

While I was thinking of what next, I remembered that I hadn’t shared my Goa travel story. I know, its been long from the time that I had been to Goa and I thought there are too many who have already been to Goa and written about it so there is no point me adding another post.

But then, each journey has a different story. Same itinerary, but different emotion. Same place but different memories of each.

That’s what travel makes life so special right?

So Goa happened cause I got too late to plan for my Thailand trip (anniversary trip)

Goa has always been on my list to visit (yes this was my first visit – in spite of being in Mumbai for over 3 years! Tch!)

Anyway after inputs from my super friendly colleagues, decided to go to typical touristy place since it was my first time.

So on the list were all famous beaches, Baga, Anjuna, Calangute and Vagator .

So just taking you this trip day wise!

Day 1

First halt was random shacks at Vagator beach. Since there was hardly any other place along the beach, we decided to go to Curlies at Anjuna beach.

Just Got in time for Sunset. And honestly, it is one of the best sunset view you would probably get to catch when in Goa.

Pick a table on terrace as you can get a glimpse of sunset along the horizon! I was just awestruck by it. Make sure you get there a lil early as it gets occupied real quick.

Sunset view fromCurlies <3

While we were planning to explore some other place, we got to know that there’s party  by the beach past 9. Who would want to miss that? So we obviously joined in!

Crazy time laughing, dancing with totally random people! Well that was the Goa- Normal Day 1 for me!

Also, if you are Maggi Fan then you might want to try it here from the stalls set. (I still like Lonavala’s Maggi bettter though)


Day 2

It started off with us getting lost while finding our way to Cafe Lilluput which we finally managed to reach!

While still trying to find the place 😛 

Enjoyed the few drinks with no one on the terrace and yes managed to click few pics!

Now that we were done with Vagator and Anjuna beach, we decide to head to Baga beach. This is the most crowded beach. Although I usually prefer calmer and less commercial beaches, this was an exception.

Maybe next time I would skip it.

Anyho, we tried out St Anthony’s and Brittos here. Loved the food at both these places! By the night, since Valentine’s day was just two days from then, the beach was all done with tents, candle light at the center and romantic Bollywood music. Yes it was very cheesy, but who doesn’t like it once in a while ?

So Day 2 ended up with us being all filmy and singing Arijit songs!

We had to move to a hotel next day as these days we were at a friend’s place.

Day 3

We moved to Casa Severina in Calangute ( walkable distance from the beach and The Park). It got a very Victorian Era decor with a pool. But we hardly spent time and were out most of the time.

By the time we woke up it was brunch time and we were starving and decided to grab something real quick by the beach!

Enjoyed super yummy Calamiri fry, Chilli Prawns, Kokan Fish curry and Rice with Kings Beer and foot massage after a lot of insisting by one super sweet lady!


I insited on staying by the beach till sunset. Is it just me or do you guys love watching sunset as well?

After enjoying that, we then headed to flea market in Calangute Market square. If you are a shopper like me then you shouldn’t miss this one. Although I suggest you don’t get carried away cause I felt the prices were a bit high (You would be a a lot of foreigners there.)

Be extra careful if splurging (Yes I do like to keep tab on my spends and  I think it is important for everyone to do so)

So next up was LPK (Love Passion Karma). Since this place is open till 3-4am,, we didn’t want to get there early.

To pass time we went through Titos Lane to try this place called Cape Town Cafe. Nice ambiance good music and good food! What more? There was happy hours when we steppin in as well.

By 11 or so we got to LPK. . It is one crazy place to be! Those of you who love dancing – it is a must go!

Huge property with amazing music! One place I can say is safe to let go of yourself.. maybe a little!

Day 4

We woke up with hungover from crazy night at LPK.  We were so exhausted that Calangute was our best bet  to get some quick bite. This time we tried a different shack . Spent good 4-5 hours. Got a chance to play with this super cute pug  as well!


Since it was our last night there, we wanted to cross out another place off our list called SinQ. On the way we tried this place called, Fisherman’s Cove which was really sad (In spite of decent reviews on Zomato)

I had ordered for clams and there were so many stones that I had to return it and the staff didn’t even bother to apologize! :-/

So we then went on a long drive before getting to SinQ. Honestly after LPK it was pretty sad place to as the bar set by LPK was pretty high 😛

But who cares if the crowd isn’t crazy. Once a person lets go,the rest follow! And so that night ended on a high note. Literally!

It might seem like I covered too many places in a hush but every place we went to, we had a great time cause we weren’t really in a hurry to cover all.

Most of us have this tendency of rushing and doing things for the sake of it. We miss out on small joys while we do that. Especially when we travel. Make sure you don’t do that.

This was much awaited break I needed. From the time I joined my current workplace, it got very difficult for us to manage time. The only time we could spend on daily basis was while travelling (yup traffic in Bangalore can be good sometimes). And by the time we get home we are so tired that we would just have dinner and crash!

So this time spent in Goa where we had absolutely nothing to do was just such a good, refreshing feeling.

I would always want to go back to Goa for yet another break we all need once in a while.

Let me know if you have been to the places that I have or other places I should try out next time I go there!


Until next time,

Bubbles and Kisses,



Break Free with Slogan Tee

Hi everyone!

I hope you guys have had a great start of the year! I certainly did! I really wish each day gets better than the last this year for all of you!

Anyway now  that we are almost a month into this year, it is time to unpack those t-shirts and soon your shorts too! Yayy! But there is one major trend that we are seeing on the simple t-shirt front! Slogans!  It could be anything.. Political slogan or inspiring! You pick!


I picked a plain white tee with this quote on – If you never try, you will never know! Well, I connected to the thought and picked it up instantly. Of so many things I thought I would never get into, I am doing it now.  Biggest example being, Me Blogging!  I have come to think of it that it applies to everything. So this year, all you lovelies out there, go ahead and try out that one thing that you thought you could never do ! Break-free!


Bubbles and Kisses,



Red Hot Velvet

Hi Guys,

Sorry for MIA for so long. If you have checked my Insta stories/ Snapchat you would know that I had changed blog’s name earlier and then again got back to this one cause of so many messages I received over the period of two weeks! I can’t thank you enough for being there and supporting me like this! Much much love! :*

Anyhooo, it is the end of December – craziest party season of the year! With this comes our outfit worries! Want to look Sassy yet keep yourself warm as it gets cold out there? The  hottest trend of the season is the solution – Velvet!

I am absolutely in love this delicate super soft fabric! And the best part is, it is light yet keeps you warm! What more? Trendy on point!

I picked this lustrous red dress from Stalkbuylove. Ruffles sleeves just adds enough drama for you celebrate all the more! I paired this dress with another hit of the season – Perspex heels. Easiest way to wear these beauties is to pair it up with a dress. And Voila! You are ready to rock the floor!


Bangalore isn’t all that cold so I could get away with this outfit. What do you guys think? Let me know or share your favorite look in velvet with me!

Until next time,

Bubbles and Kisses



Forever together Journey Begins – Part 2


I had so much to say about my wedding that I had to split it in two posts. So this in continuation with my previous post. If you have missed the previous one, check it out here.

So yeah! Finally the D-day!

My wedding muhurat was at four in the morning ! (Yes, South Indians have these weird muhuruts!). So I had to start getting ready by 2.00 AM. Obviously we didn’t get any sleep as we were busy dancing till almost 1.00 AM. But all the excitement brushed away any tiredness and I was good to go! My make up was done by Gowri Kapur’s team. They did such a Fab job that I am still in love with my look!

For Saree shopping, we went to Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, which is famous for handwoven silk Saris. If you guys love adorning traditional saris once in a while, you must visit this place. We went to A.S Babu Shah (Mum’s friends suggested). It looks really small from outside but on the inside, it is stacked up with beautiful saris. Usually we girls get carried away when we see so many options but it is best to stick with what you had on your mind earlier. Unless of course, something totally blows you away!

Now that I finalized on red saree, I started to look for accessories to go with my antique jewelry.  I love matta-patti, especially the kind models wear in Sabyasachi collection photo shoot. So I chose a typical South-Indian style matta-patti with pearls. You would have seen classical dancers wearing it while performing. Yes! Who said it is could be worn only with Bharatnatyam costume!

So that’s how I put together this look for my wedding. Embracing your roots on the most important day of your life brings out so many emotions!

sumavn-wed-2sumavn-wed-102 sumavn-wed-235 sumavn-wed-279sumavn-wed-367 sumavn-wed-384


Anyway, It doesn’t feel like 8 months have gone past. I miss the hurly-burly planning of the wedding and being the center of attention. Haha!

On that day, I was swelled up with so many emotions that it is still hard to put in words. I was overjoyed that I was finally getting married to the guy I had fallen for! His smile only assured me more that it is going to be a wonderful journey with him by my side.


Until next time,

Bubbles and kisses






Forever together journey begins!

“When you realise, you want to spend the rest of life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible” – When Harry Met Sally.

So after three long years of long distance we couldn’t wait to get married! Although my parents knew about Avneesh, they had never met him! And when they did, it was an instant yes! Now it was up to us to finalise our wedding date and plans! Avneesh wanted more of a simple wedding – Just family & friends. But I wanted something more traditional and elaborate! Both of us finally reached a conclusion to freeze on minimal budget and get the best in the range!


I kick started my research with the most important segments of a wedding – Decor, Photographer and Makeup.


I was looking for something offbeat with hues of tradition. More like the kind we girls pin it on our Pinterest board secretly wishing we have a wedding like that. Put me in touch on Facebook came really handy. But one particular comment got my attention in which someone referred Swati as a Ph.D. holder! Puzzled, I did a quick check on her profile but there was hardly any info then.

So decided to give her a call (she had emailed me her details). Believe it or not, our first call lasted for almost an hour! Yes one whole hour! She said she would send me her work and I hoped her work matched her description. The moment I got her mail, I literally squeaked at my desk. I did get a stare or two. But it didn’t matter! She was in my budget and more importantly my idea synced with her execution!

sumavn-wed-74 sumavn-wed-101

How gorgeous are the colors!


It was time to look for a photographer.  Wedmegood came to rescue! It had so many options in different budget range. But I was keen on finding someone whom I can get comfortable with. And that is how I picked Rimi from Memorylane. She is sweet, friendly and super patient. At times when you are tired of posing, she would push you for one more click till she is content! And that is the result of all these pics!


 Most of the profiles I liked were either booked or weren’t willing to travel out Bangalore. It was disheartening. But then I came across this article online featuring best makeup artists in Bangalore. That’s how I went to Gouri Kapur’s place for a trail and totally loved my look. And I ended up getting one of the best!

sumavn-wed-90 sumavn-wed-103 sumavn-wed-113

Now that all was set, I was confused to pick an outfit with so many options! Then I came across this, “Fashion may come and go but tradition will always remain. If you are being a traditional Indian bride, your wedding pictures will be relevant for rest of your life.” That’s what Sabyasachi Mukherjee has to say! And who could not abide by a pro’s advise! So with no second thoughts I chose Lehenga and Saree.

After lot of contemplation of whether to get my own lehenga done or to buy one I fixed on buying as I had really less time and a whole lot of things to do. Days went by hunting in different stores across Bangalore and I finally got mine from Varsidhi, Commercial street.



On the Day 1 when I was getting ready, I was worried if everything was going as planned (yes I can get a little control freak for perfection ). I just closed my eyes, took a moment to realize the reason behind all that was happening. The man I had fallen head over heels for! And that bought a big smile on my face and I was ready to go rock the stage!


sumavn-wed-581 sumavn-wed-586 sumavn-wed-615 sumavn-wed-624 sumavn-wed-630 sumavn-wed-633


Until next time,

Bubbles and Kisses