Shaving Myths Busted X Gillette

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In my previous post I had shared my experience of attending the Gillette Venus Breeze launch event (click here to check  the post) and how various shaving myths were busted!

There has always been many myths about shaving and we usually continue to believe in them cause we would have heard it from our friends, family or even the parlor lady  (who is always trying to convince why you should come back for more painful waxing sessions). God!

Well I personally have always preferred shaving over waxing except when I have to get rid of my tan ( at least somewhat). In spite of that I had certain notions but never bothered to ask an expert and verify it. This event gave me an opportunity  to get expert opinion on such myths with Celebrity Dermatologist, Rashmi Shetty &  Makeup Artist, Namrata Soni .

Below I have put down the most common myths and why it is time to let them go!

Myth: Shaving every day causes hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster.

Either you wax or shave, hair growth depends on your genetics and hormones.  The reason why we feel hair grows thicker is because when we shave, the razor cuts hair and gives those the blunt ends.  This makes us  feel that hair grown is thicker and darker.

Myth:  Shaving every day is bad for the skin.

Well if there is need to shave everyday then go on! Don’t stop by thinking that it will harm your skin. In fact shaving exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and can make your skin look and feel smoother.

Myth: Shaving without water is not that bad

I used to make the mistake of dry shaving when in hurry (sometimes when I am all dressed up and then I see that a patch of hair on my leg!)

Now, I know that it wasn’t the right thing to do. Well you need to use water and soap as it softens the elasticity of hair and this helps in  shaving smoothly.

 Myth: A new razor blade causes more nicks and cuts than a broken-in razor blade.

This is one of the most common myths that I have heard of. Well we think newer the blade, sharper it is and higher is the chance to get a cut. Well it is the contrary in fact. Sharper the blade, it glides up. There might be nicks and cuts if you put too much pressure while shaving or even if you are using a wrong razor like a single bladed one. .

Hope this post helped you guys.

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