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I have always been  the razor kind cause I found it a ‘whenever wherever’ go to option. But my experience has never been as smooth as with Gillette Breeze Venus. Cuts,  smooth skin and getting it at those curves, it does it all! If you are a razor person like me, you would know where I am coming from. But if you aren’t, it is time to switch with Gillette Breeze Venus. So say bye bye to the painstaking waxing session.

Here I have listed down reasons that I believe it is time to switch to Gillette Breeze Venus.

  1. 2-in-1 (Razor + Gel bars) Breeze is specially formulated with skin conditioning formula for you to have super smooth shave experience.
  2. Moisture gel bars: This gel bar is no ordinary. It has body butters (Olive, Avocado and Kokum) and Glycerin to help the skin retain its moisture.
  3. Pivoting rounded head with 3 blades : Wondering how difficult is it going to be to get those curves like knee, under arm etc ? Worry not.!  This handle hugs curves and fits easily to shave all the hard areas.
  4. Ergonomical handle: Have had the problem of razor slipping off your hands? Well this one has a great handle shape and its elastomer material provides great grip and control.
  5. Replacement signal: We often neglect when to replace razor and it can get really unhygienic and can lead to irritation or even rashes in some cases. With the Breeze Venus, you would haven’t to face it as the gel bars is an easy indicator of when you have to replace the blade.

So girls, pick this one which is retailing at Rs. 299/- now! (

Let me know how you guys liked it.


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