A Travel Campanion

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“Magic exists!!

All of us wander with the lust for magic in our soul, the magic that an adventurous hill climb brings with it or the magic that a quiet evening by the beach brings with it. All the travel stories, the fun and the exuberance have a special place in our heart and in our memories for life.
If I tell you personally, every place I’ve visited has transformed me and has left a love shaped hole in my heart which fills up every time I look at the photos I gathered from that very place or from the journal I wrote sitting right
there. I know photos are for life and they bring back the entire experience but tell me just one thing, how would you express the solace of watching the sun set, or the delight of have chai at a tappri while it rained and you took in the smell of earth, or the ever soothing sound of waves trouncing against the shore.

These experiences are deep and satisfying and writing them down is the best way to preserve their essence. I love writing while travelling myself. I might not be the best writer but what I put down in my journal brings back every ounce of glee that I lived through while travelling. And whats more than writing in a customised notebook?

The best part is that you can get them customized into your favourite travel designs or quotes or maybe a picture of yourself. I don’t think anyone should wait any more.

Order online your custom made bamboo notebook from Woodgeek and start writing your favourite travel memories down.



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